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At Expolink we are committed to providing you with up to date, accurate and insightful information relating to corporate governance and ethics. Below are a selection of whitepapers broaching subjects our community have advised are pertinent to them.

We are in the process of expanding our whitepapers pages with the content that is most useful to you; please feel free to email us us or call +44(0)1249 661 604 if there is something you would like to see covered.

Preventing Whistleblower Retaliation

It is the employer’s responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent whistleblower retaliation within the workplace. This whitepaper offers guidance on policy and procedures to counter this.

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Changes To EU Data Protection Law

In this whitepaper, Francesca Fellowes, a Senior Associate at law firm Squire Sanders, identifies that the implementation of a whistleblowing hotline will trigger the application of data privacy laws in many jurisdictions.

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How To Handle A Whistleblower Report

This whitepaper addresses best practice for dealing with whistleblowing reports, once the policy, procedure and communication strategy are in place.

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Whistleblowing Policies

This whitepaper examines the financial and cultural repercussions of failing to implement a compliant whistleblowing policy, with recommendations for how to avoid losing claims and making large payouts.

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Whistleblowing Hotlines and Employee Grievance Procedures

This whitepaper outlines the purpose of having a clear and well-documented grievance procedure and how to manage and communicate it (and how not doing so has a negative impact on the implementation and management of a whistleblowing hotline).

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Whistleblowing Hotlines, Data Compliance and Privacy Law

When implementing a whistleblowing hotline, businesses must ensure they comply with all relevant data protection and privacy laws in all countries they operate. This whitepaper offers expert advice and guidelines on key data privacy issues and how to ensure compliance.

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Whistleblowing and Ethics

Implementation of a whistleblowing hotline shows your commitment to doing business in an ethical manner and eradicating misconduct. We offer expert knowledge on whistleblowing as part of your ethics program.

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The Bribery Act 2010

The Bribery Act 2010 was created to tackle bribery and corruption in world trade. Whistleblowing hotlines are recommended by the Ministry of Justice as an “adequate procedure” for protecting your business. Find out more here.

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The Bribery Act And Corporate Hospitality

Since the advent of the Bribery Act, businesses have struggled with managing their corporate hospitality programs. We offer expert advice and solutions for policy, procedures, training and more.

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Whistleblowing Hotline Regulations France

A comprehensive overview of data privacy and employment law in France – relating to whistleblowing hotlines -  including formalities with the French data protection authority, authorised scope for hotline reporting and more.

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Whistleblowing in Portugal

We offer an overview of whistleblowing and data protection law in Portugal and how this fits in with implementation of a whistleblowing hotline.

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Whistleblowing in Hungary

We offer a detailed overview of Hungarian data protection, labour and whistleblowing law and how this fits in with implementation of a whistleblowing hotline.

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