Whistleblowing Hotline

Safeguard your staff and business

Established in 1995, Expolink is Europe’s whistleblowing hotline market leader. We are proud to be the first outsourced whistleblowing company in the UK and Europe and were the chosen supplier of whistleblowing hotline services (LOCOG and ODA) to the London 2012 Games.

Our global helpline supports over 20% of FTSE 100 companies, many FTSE 250 companies, Fortune 500 companies, local authorities, government departments, police forces, retail organisations, charities and multi-national corporates of all sizes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We work in partnership with our clients, advising on whistleblowing policy and legislation and acting as a deterrent against inappropriate and criminal behaviour; giving company leaders the information they need to take rapid, remedial action.

With Expolink’s whistleblowing hotline you will benefit from:

You can find out more about the benefits of outsourcing your hotline here.

We are truly committed to protecting your interests as an employer, while supporting your employees. With Expolink you’ll benefit from an impartial, professional and flexible external whistleblowing company that works for your organisation. We’re dedicated to collecting information with complete confidentiality giving your employees the peace of mind they need to speak up about malpractice in the workplace. We solely occupy our offices and have a separate department from which all hotline calls are handled by our dedicated hotline staff. This provides a quiet, highly secure, confidential setting so callers and clients can be assured of discretion and the security of your confidential data. External security is further assured via a three-stage entrance system.

All this makes Expolink one of the most secure providers of whistleblowing services in the world.

Our whistleblowing hotline has been refined and enhanced as Government legislation and the needs of our clients have matured. Our approach is truly global and our knowledge of ethical business practices and international whistleblowing legislation makes us leading industry experts.

Expolink is a truly global corporate governance solutions provider. We are experts in understanding EU reporting restrictions and privacy law relating to whistleblowing. Although the US was an early advocate of whistleblowing policy in the late 80s, the advent of the FCPA and revised Dodd Frank regulations meant our knowledge, expertise and commitment to data protocol and privacy attracted many native US companies to use Expolink’s whistleblowing hotline service.