Bribery Act Compliance

Bribery Act Compliance

Protect your staff and business from bribery and corruption

From July 1st 2011 the UK Bribery Act 2010 has brought about significant changes to UK law within business and commerce. Bribery and corruption can irrevocably damage the integrity, operations and culture of your business, so it is vital that all possible measures are employed to prevent such occurrences taking place.

The Bribery Act seeks to enhance the UK’s anti-bribery legislation by introducing new offences and doctrinal reform:

Whistleblowing hotlines and the UK Bribery Act

The Ministry of Justice recommends whistleblowing hotlines as part of an effective anti-bribery strategy. The possibility of prosecution is greatly diminished if an organisation can prove adequate procedures are in place to counteract bribery and corruption.