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How much does a whistleblowing hotline cost?


You’ve already decided an external whistleblowing hotline could play an important role in your organisation’s governance or risk-prevention strategy. But how much is it likely to cost – and what factors are most likely to influence pricing? This blog provides some helpful answers.

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How to choose a whistleblowing hotline provider


Shortlisting an external provider for any service is difficult. This guide provides some useful tips in helping you shortlist whistleblowing hotline providers, and discounting those that may not meet your needs.

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2016 Client Survey reveals value of whistleblowing hotlines


We’ve completed our annual survey to help us better understand how clients are using our services within their organisation. Our 2016 Client Survey shows why organisations are introducing outsourced whistleblowing hotlines, the insights offered by hotline data, and the way organisations are using that data.

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What is whistleblowing and why is it viewed negatively?


What exactly is ‘whistleblowing’ – and why have recent high-profile cases caused the word to become not just misunderstood, but viewed as negative, damaging and potentially dangerous?

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Update on Brexit, GDPR and the EU-US Privacy Shield from Security Watchdog

Update on Brexit and GDPR

With three of the most significant changes in decades looming on the horizon for UK businesses, Ewan Tweedie from employment screening specialists Security Watchdog provides a brief update on Brexit, GDPR and the EU-US Privacy Shield.

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5 signs your internal whistleblowing hotline is doomed to fail


Unfortunately, many internal hotlines fail – often as a result of poor implementation, limited management buy-in or employee mistrust. Based on some of our clients’ own experiences, we’ve compiled some of the most common reasons why internal hotlines fail – and how to avoid the same mistakes.

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