Meet the Team

As a family-run business, we’re passionate about finding the very best people to provide and support our services. To find out more about some of the key members of our team, please view the profiles below.

All the Team
Contact Centre Specialists
Hotline Specialists
Operations & Management
  • Amanda Bridgeman
  • Lesley Brooks
  • Kelly Colbourne
  • David Crook
  • Jackie Crook
  • Neus Ferrer
  • Kate Hewitt
  • Lucy Hiscock
  • Stuart King
  • Val Lodge
  • Nicola Marriott
  • Dominic Mehta
  • Janice Moore
  • Simon Pratt
  • Hilary Shepherd
  • Ben Slater
  • Triston Smith
  • Grant Stevens
  • Carol Workman