Incident and Case Management modules

Our incident and case management solution is fully web-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere, and is completely configurable to meet the changing needs of your business. The software was developed by security professionals with the needs of health and safety, security, compliance and HR personnel in mind. It is a true end-to-end solution.

The main modules include:


With the e-alert module your employees, customers or contractors can report incidents using a simple, customised web form, hosted on an intranet or web page. Those making a report don’t have to be user of the software. The system provides a single report repository from the moment the incident is logged through to final investigation and resolution.

After submission, the report goes through a human audit procedure where it can be escalated to a legitimised report, be assigned investigative staff or be archived for future reference. The person making the report can opt for anonymity (where country law allows) or fill in their contact details. If an email is provided, a receipt is sent which can be used to check the status of the report.

Incident Reporting

The incident reporting license includes a variety of configurable components and can be as comprehensive or as simple as your business requires. These include:

Case Management

Our case management tool provides a comprehensive information repository to collect, coordinate and analyse case information. This might include incident reports, asset information such as vehicles, people, dispatch records and physical and digital evidence.

Analysis is strengthened by tools that visually link connections and relationships within a case. Budgetary, procedural and risk audits benefit greatly from the information gathered by the recovery analysis tools. You manage the access controls on this, and all, modules, ensuring security for staff and peace of mind to management.

Geospatial Intelligence Analytics (GIA)

GIA is a risk, incident and personnel management and analysis technology that allows staff to interact with a map-based interface which dynamically plots incidents entered into the system as they occur. Deep level analysis is accessed by clicking on a single incident and trends are easily identified via filtering by incident type, date range, reoccurrence or specific areas. Heat maps identify areas of concern in real time and incidents are colour coded for easy location-based trend analysis.


Our analytics module provides comprehensive, intelligent insights into activities, area of concern and incident trends, giving you the tools to protect your staff and business now, and into the future. As with all the tools it is fully customisable to meet the challenges your business faces. Harnessing such large amounts of data into insightful and actionable information provides progressive MI that surpasses traditional analytical reporting. All the information you need, in the format you require, is right at your fingertips.