Incident and Case Management for ethics and compliance professionals

As corporate governance experts since 1995, we understand how to help clients detect, respond and manage wrongdoing and non-compliance risks. Our incident and case management system is specially designed to help effectively safeguard your business with real-time, end-to-end incident and case tracking – from call receipt through resource deployment, arrival and outcome. Knowing that you have all the information at your fingertips can mean the difference between a manageable concern and a serious problem.

Our software, which is trusted by Sony, Pfizer, Visa and many more, helps you:

Our software integrates with whistleblowing hotlines and other tools to give you a truly holistic view of your ethics reporting program. You can log reported incidents via e-mail, walk-ins, direct phone calls, letters and hotline calls. Data is consolidated in one location giving you a single, auditable case repository. Our system is fully customisable to meet your budget and be cost-effective as your ethics and compliance program changes.

Streamlined workflows for swift responses

Responding swiftly to incident reports is vital. We tailor incident forms and reports to suit the individual needs of your business, streamlining workflows and processes, reducing margin for error and ensuring precise data capture. Tasks can be speedily assigned and sent to appropriate individuals by incident type, priority, time, status or custom criteria and the centralised system ensures seamless and efficient collaboration across departments.

Security is easily managed with role and privilege settings and incidents tracked by location with advanced geospatial and heat-mapping.

Intelligent management reporting for incident prevention

Progressive, successful corporate governance means learning from intelligent management information. With our incident and case management software you can create, save, export and publish comprehensive reports so users can analyse data from every possible angle, including relationships between people, incidents, organisations and objects.

The results, available in a variety of formats, give you concrete insights into the efficacy of your compliance and ethics program and significantly strengthens and supports your Code of Conduct and annual reporting. Reviewing historical incidents greatly informs future investigative strategies and procedural audits, ensuring they are always working in the interests of your staff and business.