About Us

A family run business founded in 1995, Expolink is a well established and highly regarded global company that specialises in confidential whistleblowing hotlines, contact centre solutions and incident and case management software solutions.

From our early beginnings, Expolink has grown to become a highly valued partner to global companies and government departments. We deliver services and solutions to help organisations of all sizes and in all business sectors reduce costs, improve profitability and provide enhanced customer services. Today we employ over 200 people and continue to grow in excess of 12% each year.

We established Expolink as a combination of people, ideas and assets which exist for the benefit of our clients. We believe in honesty, frankness and integrity, and are committed to developing a mutually beneficial relationship with you, your employees and your organisation.


The traditional “top down” management structure used by most companies results in an organisation with its face towards the CEO and its back towards the customer. We have all had experiences where, as a customer, we feel as if the company, its bureaucracy and systems were more important than us.

Expolink’s structure is designed to exceed the expectations of its customers. By inverting the traditional model it means the front-line colleagues, who are at the top of Expolink’s structure, take precedence and are the most important people in the company, while the function of senior and middle management below them is primarily to coach and support. It is not those who are traditionally at the “top” who are entrepreneurs; everyone is. Turning an organisation upside-down treats front-line colleagues as experts, which empowers them.

Expolink recognises and employs the abilities that each colleague brings to work with them every day. Expolink builds and fosters competence, confidence and commitment from all front-line colleagues down to senior management.